Off Camber Productions launches to grow the bike racing community in the Pacific Northwest

Seattle, WA – March 11, 2022 – Off Camber Productions formally launches today to bring together two
iconic Washington state bike racing institutions, MFG Cyclocross and the Wednesday Night World
Championships into one company.
Off Camber’s mission is to grow the bike racing community in the Pacific Northwest by promoting events
that accommodate riders of all abilities and by building programs to grow the number of kids, women,
BIPOC, LGBTQ, and young adults participating.
Russell Stevenson, world & national champion cyclocross racer, with a decade of building community
and promoting races in Washington state, leads the Off Camber team. Russell is surrounded by a team
of professionals passionate about bike racing and with a great desire to build the bike racing community.
“The last two years has taught the world the importance of community and life experiences,” said
Stevenson. “Trail systems are overwhelmed, athletics across the US has exploded, and indoor cycling is
bursting with new cyclists. We believe there’s an opportunity to draw on this energy for outdoor,
athletic experiences and grow the racing community.”
MFG Cyclocross was founded in 2009 and quickly became the second largest cyclocross race series in
the United States, by offering a series of six races each fall at premier Seattle area venues. Off Camber
purchased MFG Cyclocross from Low Pressure Promotions in December of 2021.
“When we founded MFG Cyclocross in 2009, one of our goals was to keep the series and the race day
feeling fresh, accessible, and fun,” said co-founder Zac Daab. “As we pass the torch to Off Camber
Productions, we are very confident in the team they’ve built to ensure MFG stays fresh. Off Camber
Productions is made up of event promoters, marketers, and most importantly cyclocross enthusiasts and
racers. The MFG Cyclocross community is in good hands.”
MFG Cyclocross will return in the Fall of 2022 with six races at iconic Seattle area locations. Wednesday
Night World Championships kicks off its sixteen-race series on April 20, 2022, at North Seatac Park.

Off Camber Productions
MFG Cyclocross
Wednesday Night World Championships

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