UCI publishes full facts of Armstrong’s 1999 corticosteroid test results

In response to media reporting of an internal memo about Lance Armstrong’s 1999 Tour de France corticosteroid test results, the UCI has published a comprehensive briefing document on its website.

This document, which provides all the facts and circumstances  surrounding the results, adds to the briefing papers provided to the media at the UCI press conference on 22 October 2012, where specific mention was made of the four corticosteroid test results, as well as to the press release issued by the UCI on 21 July 1999.

The document also explains in detail why the French Ministry of Youth and Sport, which was  responsible for all anti-doping tests at the Tour de France under French law, ruled that there had been no anti-doping violation by Lance Armstrong – and why the evidence clearly indicated that the test results were to be attributed to a topical use of a corticosteroid cream.

UCI Communication Services

UCI publishes full facts.pdf

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