The Russian Cycling Federation is ready to defend Katusha Team

A press-release containing a refusal for the given until 2015 Team Katusha World Tour license registration has been published on the International Cycling Union (UCI) official web site on December 10, 2012. To this moment no one from the team management, sponsors or the Russian Cycling Federation has been given official explications from the UCI.

Team Katusha is the only Russian professional cycling team, where the majority of riders are Russian citizens. Their performances in the World Tour races bring points to the national rating and allows a possibility for our athletes to receive a quota for participation in the World and European Championships, and of course the Olympic games. Besides this Team Katusha is a part of the Russian Global Cycling Project (RGCP) which is realized with the direct participation of the Russian Cycling Federation.

In 2012 Katusha became one of the best professional cycling teams in the world, having finished the last season on the 2nd place in the UCI World Tour ranking and having scored 29 victories. Besides, Katusha’s leader Joaquim Rodriguez took the 1st place in the UCI World Tour individual ranking, becoming the best cyclist of the world and a vivid example for young Russian athletes who are only in the beginning of their cycling career.

The absence of the World Tour professional license for Katusha Team will lead to a reduction of chances of Russia to perform and win in competitions of the highest level. Also this will lead to a decrease of popularity of cycling as a sport and consequently to decrease of cyclists quantity in Russia. This is exactly the opposite to what the Russian Cycling Federation headed by its president Igor Makarov have been fighting for two years.

The total silence from UCI and absence of reasons for the Team Katusha 2013 professional license refusal completely undermines the image of the UCI, the organization, whose activity is supposed to be aimed at the development and promotion of cycling in the world, important part of which is the Russian professional cycling team Katusha.

The Russian Cycling Federation considers the actions of UCI regarding the concealment of team license refusal reasons completely discriminating and will defend the interests of the team meaning Russian cycling in general.

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