TERENZO BOZZONE: THE IRONMAN FROM THE SIDI SPORT STABLES – With him are Sidi T3 shoes: light, breathable and easy to get on

With him are Sidi T3 shoes: light, breathable and easy to get on
13 February, 2013, Maser (Treviso) – When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is the case for New Zealand’s Terenzo Bozzone (http://terenzo.blogspot.com) the super strong triathlete from the Sidi Sport pool. Here is an athlete we can regard as a downright Man of Steel. In fact, Bozzone is a specialist in the Ironman 70.3 a discipline in which the distances are longer compared to the classic or Olympic triathlon, that is to say: a 1.9 km swim (1.2 miles), 90 km bike ride (56 miles) and a 21.097 km run, half a marathon (13,1 miles), for a total 70.3 miles.
Terenzo Bozzone was born in 1985 in South Africa but he competes for New Zealand, where he has confirmed himself as one of the utmost leaders in this specialty, winning several international trials in all corners of the world, from Oceania to Asia, passing through the United States and South America. His surname, Bozzone, clearly comes from Italian stock (note: Terenzo’s brother’s name is Dino, like the founding owner of Sidi, Dino Signori).
His numerous successes include the World Championship title in the Ironman 70.3 distance in the 2008 World Championship Series held in Clearwater Florida, where he won ahead of Germany’s Andreas Raelert and Australian Richie Cunningham (the Rainbow World Championships have been held every November since 2006). Considering the titles he also won in the Under23 and Junior categories, Terenzo has been World Champion 5 times.

Three disciplines, all wrapped in to one unique, intense sport: swimming, cycling and running are the combined ingredients that make triathlon the one of the most gruelling and spectacular sports events in the world. In the economy of the race it’s the cycling section that is the most decisive. The cycling segment is highly selective and the triathletes need a shoe that can guarantee maximum performance without sacrificing comfort to the foot, which undergoes significant stress for prolonged periods of time.
This is why Sidi has come up with their new shoes, the T3 Carbon Composite and the T3 Air Carbon Composite (with the uppers made in perforated material). These shoes are light, extremely breathable and easy to get on and off. Technology and an attractive look are the essential characteristics that make the Sidi T3 models some of the best shoes for cycling, and they are specifically designed for endurance and multi-discipline activities like triathlon (swimming, cycling and running) and duathlon (cycling and running). This model is also available to Iron Ladies in the T3 Air Carbon Composite Woman version, with a fit designed specifically for the needs of feminine feet.

Discover all the details of the Sidi T3 Carbon Composite and T3 Air Carbon Composite models in the specs sheet here attached.

Sidi T3 shoes, like all the other products from the Sidi Sport collection, are available in the finest cycling shops.
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