Sagan Turns to Osmo – and Wins

Cannondale Pro Cycling asks Osmo Nutrition to be their official Hydration and Recovery Partner

16 May 2013 (Fairfax, CA) – Osmo Nutrition has announced its official sponsorship of Cannondale Pro Cycling with hydration and recovery in North America. Cannondale Pro Cycling turned to Osmo’s leading science and proven performance, after the first two stages of the Amgen Tour of California. Sagan and the team used Osmo PreLoad Hydration before stage 3 and Osmo Active Hydration during the stage with immediate results, as star rider Peter Sagan won his first stage of the 2013 event. As the nine-time ATOC stage winner proclaimed immediately following his first race using Osmo, “This stuff works!”

“Helping the world’s fastest rider perform to his potential is hugely rewarding,” said Osmo co-founder and CEO Ben Capron. “Hydration and recovery are essential for any athlete seeking top performance – Sagan and the rest of the team are seeing that now. Osmo products, based on Stacy’s (Stacy Sims, Osmo Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer) science, deliver benefits like cramp avoidance and measurably increased power. After the devastation of the stage into Palm Springs and a talk with Cannondale Sports Marketing Director Rory Mason, I asked my friend and team sponsor, Scott Tedro of Sho-Air International to deliver some Osmo to the team hotel on Monday night: PreLoad Hydration so the riders could start the third stage in a hyper-hydrated state, and Active Hydration to use during the race.”

“After the brutal heat of this race’s early stages, we knew we really needed help,” said Cannondale Pro Cycling team manager Roberto Amadio. “We had done our research and knew Osmo was the leader in hydration and recovery. We knew we needed immediate help, so we made the unprecedented decision to begin using Osmo in a major stage race. After using PreLoad and Active, the results were immediate and we are excited to rely on Osmo for hydration and recovery in all our North American competition and training.”

“Sagan and the boys maximized their ability to perform by using products that helped maintain blood volume through hydration and electrolyte balance,” said Dr. Stacy Sims. “Preload Hydration prior to stage 3 allowed them to overcome the previous day’s depletion of water and electrolytes, while Osmo Active is the best hydration strategy during racing and training. And since hydration is power, it gives them a real competitive advantage.”

Cannondale Pro Cycling riders will rely on Osmo PreLoad Hydration prior to hot and intense efforts, Active Hydration during training and racing, and Acute Recovery to maximize training adaptations, speed recovery and restore glycogen for their North American races..
Osmo Nutrition was founded in 2012 to help athletes feel and perform their best. Osmo hydration and recovery drinks are created from leading science and the best ingredients to deliver proven performance. All of Osmo’s products are based on the peer-reviewed scientific research of noted Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist Dr. Stacy Sims, MSc, PhD. For more information on Osmo, visit

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