BPEOPLE SADDLES: ALSO PERFECT FOR MOUNTAIN BIKERSRiese Pio X (TV – Italy), 25 February, 2013Bpeople is a company that never holds back. We offer a varied and versatile collection for a discerning market. BPeople saddles are 100% Made in Italy and can be used either for road cycling or mountain biking.

Bikers can choose from two specific models: Vincere AVA and Vincere NFS. Both are made using cutting edge technology applied to the concepts of comfort, ergonomics and light weight in order to design the best saddles for racing and off road cycling. They offer perfect shock absorption thanks to a harmonious combination of materials, structure and product design, all of which are unmistakably top notch.

In fact, research into innovative solutions hasn’t come at the cost of sacrificing the aesthetic aspect; on the contrary, a perfect mix of shapes and colors is one of the strongest features of BPeople saddles, which are not only becoming increasingly synonymous with quality; they are also being identified with a unique and personal style enjoyed and appreciated by a growing number of professionals.

This includes a renewed association with the Cycling Univega Pro Team, an international mountain bike team racing at the highest levels in the Cross Country and Marathon categories, the SCAPIN Factory MTB Team, a semi-professional Italian formation, and Lorenza Menapace, mountain bike ladies’ champion and the first woman in the world to have finished two Naturaid races, extreme competitions in absolute self reliance.

The feedback we get from our athletes then guides our company in the creation of saddles designed to satisfy the most specific demands. From this point of view the ties between BPeople and the world of competitive cycling is really special: we place a great value on what cyclists have to say, since they are the ones who use our prototypes and supply invaluable opinions that help to improve our final products.

Attached: photos of the Vincere Ava and the Vincere NFS.

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